Saturday, February 19, 2011

RoboCharity - Artwork Auction

ROBOCOP - To Serve
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--- Edit: Noshino is the winner of the auction
Noshino, please contact me via email so we can arrange payment/shipping for the artwork and the book. If you have trouble contacting me via my website, please leave a note here and we will figure out a way.
Thanks again for bidding on the artwork, the folks at Forgotten Harvest and I really appreciate it :) ---

By now most everyone knows that earlier this week, a group of folks managed to raise $50,000 to build a Robocop statue in Detroit. That's a pretty cool idea--I mean, who doesn't love Robocop? Besides, maybe it could help with tourism in Detroit or something.

Anyway, the event got some other folks on twitter talking, especially good friend and comics creator Ron Marz [@ronmarz] and Book of Eli scribe Gary Whitta [@garywhitta]. After much debate, they both decided to each donate to a fantastic Detroit charity, Forgotten Harvest [@ForgottnHarvest]. Thus, RoboCharity [@RoboCharity] was born. So far, Forgotten Harvest's donations are up 10-fold, but that isn't enough to meet the need. I've donated too but I'd like to do more and have some fun in the process.

Those of you who know me know that my wife and I are both avid organic gardeners and are big believers and supporters of making fresh, nutritious food available for everyone. Forgotten Harvest rescues surplus, prepared, and perishable food from grocery stores, restaurants, and farmers, then donates that would otherwise go to waste to local agencies like soup kitchens, homeless and domestic shelters, senior citizens, and more.

Inspired by the topic and events, I did this sketch of RoboCop doing what he does best -- protecting and serving the citizens of Detroit! I plan to auction off the sketch in the next week and donate the proceeds to Forgotten Harvest. I'm counting on you guys to come through and help provide some nutritious food to some folks who could use our help.

I don't have an eBay account (I know--I'm so last century), so I plan to just have an informal auction here on my blog.

Here's how it'll work:
I've posted the art here on the blog.
If you're interested, please type your bid in the comments feature. Bidding starts at $50 and goes up in $5 increments. Bidding will end at 6pm EST (that's 3pm for the west-coasters) on Sunday, Feb. 27.

Highest bidder* gets the art and the money raised goes straight to Forbidden Harvest.
I'm also covering the shipping cost for the winner and throwing in a signed copy of my limited edt sketchbook CHIAROSCURO Vol.1.
Original artwork in on 9x12" bristol board.

$50 is enough to buy 250 meals, so the more you bid, the more we can all help. This is a great chance to donate to a needy cause and get some nice art in the process.


*Paypal payment only

Artwork © 2011 Francesco Francavilla.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Detective Comics #875 Preview

Here's a panel from a page I worked on last night for Detective Comics: it's part of a pretty cool opening scene ;)

Speaking of Detective, I CANNOT wait for you guys to get #874 next week: I think it might be one of my best issue yet (and I am trying to top that with #875)
Hope ya dig it :)


Artwork © 2011 Francesco Francavilla.
All Characters ™ and © 2011 DC Comics. All rights reserved.

Monday, February 14, 2011

A little taste...

Black Panther TMWF #517 Preview

...of Black Panther to come: look for these in #517 :)

Also I take the opportunity to let you all know Black Panther TMWF #516 will feature talented guest artist Jefte Palo: please let's all give him a warm welcome to the Panther family :)


Artwork © 2011 Francesco Francavilla.
All Characters ™ and © 2011 Marvel Characters, Inc. All rights reserved.

Black Panther TMWF #517 Preview

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Black Panther MWF #515 Preview

Black Panther TMWF #515 Preview
~~ Click on the above and below images for the preview ~~

Hello guys,

Black Panther TMWF #515 will be in stores tomorrow, along with the below second printing edition of the now sold out #513 (the first of this new run)! The first 2 issues (513 and 514) have been acclaimed by both fans and critics and ranked in the top 50 best selling books in December and January.
Click on the above image for a 8 pages preview plus cover and find out why IGN lists every month Black Panther in their absolute must-buys.
Hope you like what you see here and hope you pick up a copy tomorrow:)

Here's MARVEL solicts for it:

For the fate of Hell's Kitchen: T'Challa vs. Vlad the Impaler in a desperate rooftop battle of wills, wits and fists! "Urban Jungle" heats up as Luke Cage guest-stars, friends fall, dark forces prepare to step from the shadows, and a dangerous conspiracy begins to unfold!

Story by David Liss
Art by Francesco Francavilla
Letters by Joe Caramagna
Cover by Simone Bianchi & Simone Peruzzi

Price: $2.99


Artwork © 2011 Francesco Francavilla.
All Characters ™ and © 2010 Marvel Characters, Inc. All rights reserved.