Friday, October 25, 2013

~~ FRANKENSTEIN ~~ The Creature Auction

Hey guys,

As some of you might know, my dear friend Steve Niles and his partner Monica Richards have suffered some devastating damage to their house in Austin last week due to flash floods.
The damage was so heavy that Steve and Monica had to relocate to temporary housing while they figure out what can be done to salvage the house (and their goods).

Steve has always been the first to jump into action when someone else needed help (both among peeps of the industry or national tragedies like last year's hurricane SANDY), so it's the right thing for all of us to help him out now that he is the one in need.

For this reason I decided to auction this artwork from my personal vault: the Creature of Frankenstein is a favorite of Steve's and a personal favorite of mine, so I thought it would be fitting to put this up for grabs.
This piece was done for Comic Twart and it's the very first "TWART" art I am putting on sale/auction. It's for a good cause so it needed something special.

Here's how it'll work (because I don't use eBay):

Original artwork is fully inked on 9x12" bristol board.
If you're interested, please type your bid in the comments feature. Bidding starts at $200 and goes up in $5 (or multiple of 5) increments.
Important: Paypal payment only ~ US bidders only at this time.

Bidding will end at 3pm EST (that's 12pm for the west-coasters) tomorrow, Sat, Oct 26, 2013.

Highest bidder* gets the art and I will be sending the money raised to Steve to help him with his recovery efforts.
I'm also covering the shipping cost for the winner.
This is a great chance to donate to a good cause and get some nice art in the process.

If you'd like to help more, here is the link to Steve Niles' store page where you can buy some of his books and help at the same time:


*In case the highest bidder doesn't come through with payment, prize goes to 2nd highest bidder.
 Paypal payment only ~ US bidders only at this time.

Artwork © 2013 Francesco Francavilla.