Sunday, March 31, 2013

Doctor Who ~ "The Bells of Saint John" [Ep.7.07]

Doctor WHO - The Bells Of Saint John [Ep.7.07](click on the above image for the larger poster view)

Hello everyone, 
DOCTOR WHO is back! YAY!

Here's the poster I did last night right after watching THE BELLS OF SAINT JOHN. As usual I tried to keep it as much spoiler-free as I could :)
And I think it's not a spoiler if I say the new Companion, CLARA, might be the cutest one yet ;)

Also, the wi-fi name that appear at the beginning of the episodes was looking kinda familiar, so I moved the symbols around a bit and it looks to me like the name was the anagram for MOFFAT: am I seeing too much here? ;)

And - in preparation of the new episodes - I put together this little WHOmnibus compilation of the posters for Season 6 and 7 so far :) [click on the image for the bigger view]

Doctor WHOCan't wait for next Saturday now :)