Friday, September 30, 2011

DR WHO - Closing Time

Dr WHO - Closing Time
(click on the above image for the larger poster view)

Hey guys,

And here's "Closing Time", episode 12 of this season of Doctor Who, featuring the good ole Cybermen :)
Tomorrow I will be watching "live" the Season Finale and draw the last poster for this season right after :(
Hope you guys have been enjoying these as much as I did drawing them.


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

DR WHO - The God Complex

Dr WHO -  The God Complex
(click on the above image for the larger poster view)

Hey guys,

still catching up on my DVRed Doctor Who episodes.
Here's a 15 minutes quick minimalist poster of "The God Complex". Really enjoyed this episode: had quite a few creepy moments, which is super-fine in my book. Hope you guys dig it :)
Next one will be up hopefully before the new episode will air this Sat.


Saturday, September 24, 2011

DR WHO - The Girl Who Waited

Dr WHO -  The Girl Who Waited
(click on the above image for the larger poster view)

Hey guys,

got back home last Sunday night and only today had time to watch the previous episodes of Doctor Who (which I had DVRed).

To start, here's my 15 minutes quick minimalist poster of "The Girl Who Waited". Hope you guys dig it :)

I am gonna watch "The God Complex" next, and the new one this evening on BBC America, so expect two more WHO posters between today and tomorrow :)


Wednesday, September 21, 2011


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Hello Friends,

cross-posting this from my other blog, Pulp SUnday, becuase I am very excited about this book :)

I can finally share what I will be working on (among other things) in the next few months: CAPTAIN AMERICA & BUCKY! :)
I am so excited to have the opportunity to work on such an icon of the Superhero comics (thank you so much, MARVEL :)), and to work with such talented writers like Ed Brubaker and James Asmus, and I hope you guys will be along for the ride :)
I will be drawing a full arc starting with CAPTAIN AMERICA & BUCKY #625, out in December.
Above is my cover for the book and below is the solicits:

Written by Ed Brubaker & James Asmus
Pencils & Cover by Francesco Francavilla

• The original Human Torch guest-stars as Captain America teams up with Bucky in the present day… for the first time?!
• Rising stars James Asmus and Francesco Francavilla join Eisner award winner Ed Brubaker for a rollicking adventure into the future of the star-spangled Avenger’s past!
• Brand new arc! Easy jumping on point!

32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99

Stay tuned for more cool books announcements coming soon :)


Artwork © 2011 Francesco Francavilla

Saturday, September 03, 2011

DR WHO - Night Terrors

Dr WHO -  Night Terrors
(click on the above image for the larger poster view)

Here's my 30 min poster to tonight's episode of Doctor Who, "Night Terrors".

Gotta say this episode was one of my favorite so far, so I gave the poster some extra love (and extra time ;)). Hope you guys dig it :)

Bit of bittersweet news now: I am not gonna be able to watch the new Doctor Who episodes the next 2 Saturdays, so I am gonna skip the weekly feature next Sat and the Sat after that, but the week of 19-24 I will be posting those two posters, plus the third one on Sat 24th, so you will get 3 posters in a week :)