Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Bond... James Bond

Here are a few sketches that I did for the monthly drawing jam over at the drawing board. This month's subject was James Bond. Hope you enjoy!

Moonraker 11/02

Classic Bond 11/07

Another Bond homage 11/09. I tried to kill 2 birds with one stone by homaging "Goldeneye" and "The world is not enough". The satellite is completely invented because I don't remember it and it seems I can't find any reference.

Sun 11/12 - Just thinking about the die-cast model of a Lotus I used to have as a kid -- the model, not the car. :)

11/14 - OK that was too cool not to make a sequence out of it.

11/15 - License to Kill
You know, having a license to kill isn't always pretty.

11/24 - Akiko from "You Only Live Twice"


Chip said...


R Kamal said...

inspirational stuff!

Francesco...i have seen some of them earlier at drawing board.but seeing all the works at one place is marvelous.i am adding your blog on my links.hope you wont mind that...

Francesco Francavilla said...

Thanks for the comment, Chip.

Thank you also, kamal. I apologize about not responding to comments so much--I am so busy drawing several books that I forgot to come back and check. Thank you for the link!

Asa said...

Love the "James Bond" drawings.I am absolutly without words,Your drawings are magnificent. Everytime I see a 007 in action I will forever be think of Francesco.

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