Monday, May 07, 2007

Spartans! Under Siege

Back in March I started a thread/jam dedicated to the movie "300" which was about to be released. The jam's goal was to reach the amount of 300 drawings by having several artists contributing to it and being inspired either by the movie or by the real historical events of Leonidas and the Battle at Thermopylae.
The jam is still going and since I run out of single illos, I decided to start a sequential strip: that's how Spartans! Under Siege is born! :)

Here are the first panels. Hope you guys enjoy it :)



Rafael Dante said...


veeeeery good man!
realy, it´s very funny!


flaviano said...

i'm happy to discover this funny side of your art!
l'alunno evidenzia notevoli doti artistiche, un ottimo uso del bianco e nero,gran senso della messa in scena e dell'inquadratura, brillanti pose ed espressioni. si consigliano studi artistici :)
hope to find the time to post more on the thread, so we can reach 300

SRH said...

I know it is blasphemous, but I have yet to see 300. I would feel inauthentic if I posted something to the thread without having seen it. I might have to anyway...

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