Saturday, March 01, 2008

Zorro and his Zorro-Mobile!!!

Hi guys,

I did this costumized Zorro at the recent Atlanta COmics Expo as part of the charity event benefitting RIF (Reading Is Fundamental).
If you guys want to bid on it, there are less than 2 days remaining (I know, I should have posted this earlier, but I have been so busy On my Zorro and Scholastic gigs that had little time for everything else).
Click here for the e-bay auction of my Zorro munny
Anyhow, hope you enjoy it even if can't bid on it (I hope you can though ;))



Bryan Wynia said...

Great work. I really like your storytelling.

Ray Lederer said...

haha! too cute! Awesome! I can't wait for my son to be old enough to have cool toys like this. go go go!

mikesang said...

I can't figure out how to create a new entry, so I'll do it here. JUNE 4TH!!!!! FINALLY!!!!
FF is a hell of a guy and an amazing artist. He did two of the best stories in the book and would have done more if he could.
Everyone is going to love the book. Thanks for helping make it possible.

Francesco Francavilla said...

Bryan: thank you so much :) I love telling stories in images so I really appreciate the comment.
Ray: HA! I am pretty sure daddy Ray will paint/draw many toys for his son ;) Thanks, man :)
Mike: thank you for inviting me to draw it, Mike, and I am so very happy that finally the book hit the shelves, and in a such cool package :) Everyone: please buy a copy of Tales of Stalight Drive-In and you'll know what we are talking about here :)