Thursday, April 02, 2009


Hi guys,

for those who don't check my other blog, Pulp Sunday, I am running a little poll to decide which one of my creations is gonna get my very first webcomic treatment: Black Beetle or Max Malone. Both characters have a very strong pulp influence, but hopefully they will also have some original touch to it.
To know more (and to cast your vote) click on the Pulp Sunday link on the right of the screen (or click here).
Te above is just a teaser I did today for Max Malone.


Click on the teaser image above for the colored, bigger version.


BROCASSO said...

For my chips Black Beetle... But that Max image is so dam cool.

mattcrap said...

dude, Francesco- is there an "I just can't decide" collumn that i can be put into. Honestly I don't know which I'd rather see, they both look incredible.

Hey can you shoot me an email at I've gotta question for ya!

Francesco Francavilla said...

Thank you so much, Todd, glad you dig it :) As mentioned on Pulp Sunday, if MM loses, that will just mean I will take care of him later ;)
Thank you, Matt, but there is no "undecided" group ;) as matter of fact I am counting the undecided as MM since it seems he needs some votes ;) As for the question, just go on my website and hit "CONTACT" becuase it will be faster, trust me ;)


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