Saturday, May 02, 2009

Start Trek: Mr Spock

Mr Spock

With the imminent release of the new movie right behind the corner, I decided to take a look at the original cast members, starting with our beloved Vulcan :)

Part 1 of 4.



Craig Zablo said...

You nailed Spock, er, uh... well done, sir!

TFQStudio said...


Though Data is and will forever be my favorite character, Spock was a close second.

Once I saw a life sized Data card board cut out at an antique shop but it was 100 dollars and my mom wouldn't let me buy it...even though me and my dad really wanted it.

She was under the assumption that we couldn't do anything with it where as my dad were like, What WOULDN'T we do with it?!

Unknown said...


Francesco Francavilla said...

Craig: HA! Thank you :D I am still bummed a bit I missed Nimoy at FX.
Sadie: that's awesome story, Sadie :) You should totally go back and buy that Data :D Thanks for sharing the anedocte and for the kind words :)
Jason: thank you :)