Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Black Panther TMWF #514 Preview

Black Panther TMWF #514 Preview
~~ Click on the above and below images for the preview ~~

Hello guys,

Black Panther TMWF #514 is coming out tomorrow! The first issue of my and David's run has been so well received by fans and critics so I can't wait to hear from you all on this second issue.
Click on the above image for a 9 pages preview plus cover. Hope you like what you see here and hope you pick up the book this coming Wed :)

Here's MARVEL solicts for it:

Luke Cage guest stars as T'Challa's new adventure in NYC continues!

The former King of Wakanda has sworn to protect the mean streets of Hell's Kitchen, and while battling the mob is one thing, how does he stop a killer targeting innocent people?

It's a deadly game of cat-and-mouse, as T'Challa hunts ruthless new crime lord Vlad the Impaler, while Vlad concocts a desperate and bloody scheme to entrap the mysterious new vigilante that's ruining his plans.

T'Challa learns what it really means to be a man without fear.

Story by David Liss
Art by Francesco Francavilla
Cover by Simone Bianchi, Simone Peruzzi

Price: $2.99


Artwork © 2011 Francesco Francavilla.
All Characters ™ and © 2010 Marvel Characters, Inc. All rights reserved.


JC said...

C'mon, can't this be a weekly--it isn't fair that we have to wait 30 days for this every time. Going to be a great day tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing more development of the story and I am a Cage fan, though I am partial to the old school Cage, so am excited to see your take on him. The preview is amazing, thank you for posting.

JC said...

This is not a Black Panther post, though that is a highly anticipated part of the day, but I am finishing the first volume of Green Hornet Year One and though there previously was some interest in seeing the new Green Hornet movie, there simply is no way to see it now--modern movie makers can not capture what you have done in these pages. I am not going to spoil my impression. Will there be a second trade collection released?

C.malmberg said...

I read issue #514 and the art is stunning. The art and colors really capture Hell's Kitchen and it's dark underbelly. Great work!

Chef of Hell Kitchen 2011 said...

i have already posted in your #515 and it was pretty amazing, now i search you 514 and this is much better than the 515. gotta hand it to you! :)