Saturday, May 21, 2011

DR WHO - The Rebel Flesh

Dr WHO -  The Rebel Flesh
(click on the above image for the larger poster view)

Just saw the new episode of Doctor Who on BBC America and I absolutely loved it except... for the fact that is a two part story and the second part will be aired in 2 weeks (can't wait that long, BBC!!!)

Here's my spoiler free mini poster (which apparently scares my wife a bit ;)) for this episode: a whole 10 minutes start to finish.
Hope you guys dig it :)



james corcoran said...

This is a beautiful simple image that really captures the feel of the episode, is it okay to feel a wee bit depressed that it only took you 10 mins? Awesome work

Charles R. Rutledge said...

Yep, like that one a lot. Managed to nail the creepiness of the gangers and the sense of isolation of the island.

Brian said...

Man, this is good.