Sunday, June 12, 2011

DR WHO - A Good Man Goes To War

Dr WHO -  A Good Man Goes To War
(click on the above image for the larger poster view)

Here's the latest poster fresh from the oven, based off the new Dr Who episode aired on BBC AMerica.
Positive part: loved everything about it, from start to the final grand revelation :)
Negative part: no more DR WHO episodes on BBC America until late this Summer :(

Hope you guys enjoy the art regardless :)



Philip A. Buck said...

What a crazy episode! It blew my socks off! Just like your Doctor Who Sketches!!! These are great! Please keep it up when the episodes return. :)

Faff said...

another great drawing in a great series. Hope you'll pick this up again when the second half of the season starts up. There's been a whle lot of Dr Who art since Matt Smith took over but yours is some of the best.

Mark said...

I love this. This whole series of illustrations has been a blast. I too hope for more when series 6 resumes.