Wednesday, August 01, 2012

BReaking BAd (2.05 - 2.06 - 2.07)

BReaking BAd 2.05
BReaking BAd 2.06
BReaking BAd 2.07
~~ Click on the images for biggie ~~

Hey guys,

my minimalist posters for BReaking BAd ARE BACK!!!
Here are episodes 2.05 and 2.06 and 2.07.
Hope you guys are still checking this blog and the posters - if so, lemme hear from you so I can get more done :)


Artwork © 2012 Francesco Francavilla


Anonymous said...

Francesco...I wish I could buy those...where and when ?

Anonymous said...

Please Keep it up!

Jrau said...

These are incredible!

Stefano Brandetti said...


steph said...

these are so great!! i cant believe im just finding them...i wish i could buy them! please make more!!

Stormy said...

Still checking! Keep them coming!

Unknown said...

Ah, the curse of not having television....I don't even know what these posters mean! Time for some Wikipedia...

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