Friday, August 25, 2006

Fear Agent #11 solicited for November release

The solicit for Fear Agent #11 is now available. Rick Remender wrote an incredibly amazing script that was a pure joy to draw. Although I feel sorry sometimes for poor Heath - the things he has to go through.

Here's the solicit text from Diamond...
Written by Rick Remender, art by Francesco Francavilla, cover by Tony Moore.
An issue long "Tales of the Fear Agent" illustrated by legendary Italian illustrator Francesco Francavilla! A population of human flies pays Heath to protect them from a race of spiders slowly taking over their world. However, when Heath becomes impregnated with the spiders' eggs he becomes the planet's greatest threat.
32 pages, $2.99.
When my wife read the part about the "legendary" illustrator, she fell over laughing and suggested to hire Rick as my publicist. Thank you honey - I love you too!!

Tony Moore did a very nice cover for this issue. It's like t
he cherry on a pie baked by Rick and me (do you have this saying in English?). I am excited to see how looks this issue in print.

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