Saturday, June 12, 2010

District 9 (Sketch Edition)

District 9
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So I accidentally stumbled on ABC last night and it was a lucky accident since the opening ceremony/concert for the (soccer) WOrld Cup was on: lots of great live music from a very colorful South Africa.

That reminded me I never had chance to watch "District 9" (which is set in South Africa) so I found it on my on-demand cable and watched it with my wife.
And - of course - I couldn't help to draw something inspired by the movie this morning, since I really enjoyed it :)

I am planning to do a finished, polished version of this, when I am not under 10 different deadlines ;)
Meanwhile hope you guys dig the sketch :)


Artwork © 2010 Francesco Francavilla.


Marcelo Yanez said...

Love the sketch!

James Clayton said...

Fookin' prawn!


Brian Jones said...


Francesco Francavilla said...

Thank you so much, Marcelo, James, and Brian, glad you liked it even if at this rough stage :)