Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Lovecraftiana debuting @ Heroes Con

(click on the above image for a bigger view!)

Hello guys :)

as you know I will be attending Heroes Con this week and for the occasion I will have brand new exclusive prints, featuring the above "LOVECRAFTIANA" and below artwork (you may be familiar with those images below ;))

I will be set in Artist Alley (AA) at table 303. Two big banners featuring the Winged King Skull and the Dark Queen of Hearts should make it easy for you to find me :)
I will have these new exclusive prints plus some fan favorite like my Poe and Lovecraft B/W prints and lots more (including some of my faux golden age pulp covers). I will also have my sketchbooks and whatnot and , of course, I will be doing con sketches/commission all weekend long, so stop by to say hi and maybe get something (original or print work ;))

For those interested, I will also be attending the Comic Twart panel: it's gonna be fun so try to be there if you can :)
Room 209, 4:00pm

The site has become one of the more popular sites online for fresh weekly comic art. Join “twartists” Tom Fowler, Chris Samnee, Francesco Francavilla, Ron Salas, Declan Shalvey, and Andy Kuhn, with moderator Chris Sims ofComics Alliance , for a discussion and multi-sketch demonstration. All sketches to be donated to the HeroesCon Art Auction!

Charlotte, NC
June 4-6, 2010
Artist Alley 303

See you there, my friends :)


All images © 2010 Francesco Francavilla.
Dark Winged Skull King, Dark Queen of Hearts, Lovecraftiana ™ and © 2010 Francesco Francavilla


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Matt Jordan said...

After several years of admiring your work online - having discovered you on The Drawing Board back in 2006, I think - it was a real pleasure to finally meet you at HeroesCon. I love your work and wish you continued success!