Tuesday, December 28, 2010


(click on the above image for the poster view)

This "lunch break quickie" was inspired by a brief exchange I had with (American Vampire and Detective Comics writer) Scott Snyder and Bat editor Mike Marts on Twitter - and clearly inspired by the current situtaion in the North East of the US (heck, we even had snow here in Atlanta and it's still kinda white landscape around here).

So,I give you Batman about to free the Batmobile from the snow with his flamethrower ;)
And pls don't forget to pickup Detective #872 tomorrow out in stores (it also includes the second part of SKELETON CASES, the Commissioner Gordon co-feature written by Scott and drawn by me):)


Artwork © 2010 Francesco Francavilla.


JC said...

This is a great characterization in a not so great situation. Nicely done. A quick lunch break illustration--too much.

Detective will be a highlight for an already great week.

JC said...

Have a great new year, Mister Francavilla, may you the shelves be filled with your story-telling marvels and may you be in the position of having to turn down work (though not commissions :)...).

Anonymous said...

Why have I not seen this sooner?! Amazing as usual, sir.

P.S. Having just received about eight inches of snow, I can relate to Mr. Wayne's predicament.