Wednesday, December 01, 2010


(click on the above image for the poster view)

This is my contribution to the "Monsters & Dames" Charity Artbook 2011 the fine folks put out every year for ECCC.
This year show (2010 edition) was too fun and I loved Seattle and all it's people so I am very happy that I will be attending the EMERALD CITY COMIC CON as a guest again in 2011 - really looking forward to it :)

In other news, Detective Comics #871 (the issue where I started the Commissioner Gordon co-feature) has officially sold out and it's going back to print! YAY!
Thank you everyone for the support and for the love you have shown for this book, I really appreciate it :)


CyGirl & Artwork © 2010 Francesco Francavilla.


Josh said...

I like it. Has a bit of a mignola vibe. Its a bit different for you.

Chris Schweizer said...

The feet on those guys are amazing! It's a rarity that a monster drawing is genuinely scary (at least to me), and I think this nails it.

Frangipan said...

This is fabulous, I love the quality of it. The colours are so rich.