Sunday, February 10, 2013

#1 Double Feature: LOST VEGAS & UNCANNY X-MEN

LOST VEGAS #1 Variant Cover
UNCANNY X-MEN #1 Variant Cover
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Hi guys,

I wanted to share a couple of recent variant covers I have done.
The first is for my dear friend Jim McCann's and Janet Lee's new series at Image titled LOST VEGAS. The pre-order for the book ends tomorrow so if you want to jump on this new sci-fi cool series make sure to call your shop and let them save you a copy. My variant is a 1:10 incentive cover.

The second cover is for the first issue of UNCANNY X-MEN (that MARVEL is releasing in February) and as far as I know it will be used as regular cover for the book for the Hastings chain of shops. It's probably available online as well (not 100% sure though).

Hope you enjoy both cover and both books :)


Artwork © 2013 Francesco Francavilla