Saturday, January 26, 2013

Doctor Who ~ "The Snowmen" [Ep.7.06]

Doctor WHO - The Snowmen [Ep.7.06]
(click on the above image for the larger poster view)

Hello everyone,

I've been busy launching my own Black Beetle mini - NO WAY OUT - at Dark Horse (have you picked up #0 and #1 yet? It's sold out at distributor level so grab a copy if you haven't yet and you spot one in your store) so I neglected a little this blog, but - thanks to the Doctor - I am now back to it! :)

Finally got around (thanks to BBC America re-airing it last night) watching the Xmas special episode of Doctor Who which I missed while I was in Italy for the holidays.
So, a month later, here's my episode poster for THE SNOWMEN :)
Really enjoyed the story, and I gotta say having Sir Ian McKellen voicing GI was the cherry on top.
Highlights: the dickensian look of the Doctor (that hat!), the new TARDIS design and the new, very cute, companion.

Below you can see my 5 min pencil sketch I did while watching the show.

Can't wait for the new episodes to air: hurry up, BBC! :)

Hope you guys dig the new poster.



Pony English said...

I always look forward to these even if they are late! hahaha!

Brian said...

Great job, as always.

Andy B. said...

Awesome as always! Bring on the new series!