Friday, July 09, 2010


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Hello guys,

Still in robot-mode here (we will be in that mode also next week ;)), so let me tell you about my favorite robot EVER: aNDy!
I created aNDy back in 2006 and my dear friend (and super-talented writer) Macon Blair helped me to flesh it out (if you have read the story, you know that is some sort of pun ;)) for Ivan Brandon's anthology 24/7 vol.2.
I WARMLY suggest you guys to find that anthology because it's chockfull of great little stories, including the one featuring the coolest (and saddest) robo-gorilla ever: aNDy.
Above are a couple of concept sketches, and below one of the pages from the story.

Hope you guys enjoy these and don't forget to enter your suggestion in the contest (see here)

Artwork & aNDy © Francesco Francavilla 2010


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