Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Enlist Today in U.S. Robot Army!

US Robot Army
~~ click on the image for giant ROBOT view ~~

Day 3 of Giant Robot Week features this ad from the 40s for the U.S.R.A. (United States Robot Army).
Ha, the good ole times when you could pilot giant robots ;)

Hope you enjoy it and - moreso - enlist it :)


Artwork & U.S.R.A. (United States Robot Army) © 2010 Francesco Francavilla.


Chad Carter said...

OMG, if only. Fantastic work as always, FF. Also, loving GARRISON!

Ken O said...

I'm loving Giant Robot Week!

Josh said...

You're bringing a great diversity to the style of all these pieces in your giant robot set. Keep it up.

Marcelo Almeida said...

I like this kind of art a lot. 40s was a fascinating period not for comics, but for propaganda too.
Really Excellent!
I´ve a blog with illustrations, not so good like yours, but just trying...