Thursday, July 15, 2010

Join the U.S.R.A.

US Robot Army
~~ click on the image for giant ROBOT view ~~

... And Travel the World! :D

Here's Day 4 of Giant Robot Week and - by great demand - here's more about the U.S.R.A. (United States Robot Army) :D

Since many were asking on twitter, all of the Giant Robot Posters from this week are available as nice archival prints : just email me via website for details.


Artwork & U.S.R.A. (United States Robot Army) © 2010 Francesco Francavilla.


Ken O said...

This is my favorite one yet. I'd love to see a story built around the USRA.

Matt Soffe said...

Absolutely loving these images, they are fantastic sir!

Doc Atomic said...

Wow, fantastic! Love the art, love the concept. You just can't get enough giant robots. Though I suppose the people whose homes were just crushed might disagree... But c'mon, if they were really worried about it, they'd have bought that giant robot insurance!

Jake said...

I'm just now seeing this. NICE! Right up my alley.