Saturday, September 22, 2012

Doctor WHO ³ ~ "The Power Of Three" [Ep.7.04]

Doctor WHO - The Power Of Three [Ep.7.04]
(click on the above image for the larger poster view)

Hi guys,

As promised, here's my minimalist poster for the new Doctor Who's episode "The Power of Three" aired tonight on BBC America.
This was one of my favorite WHO episodes in recent history: really cool concept, spooky cubes, and without getting in any spoilers, it had something that reminded me of Twilight Zone, and even if the whole episode was Twilight-Zone-y, I am referring to a specific TZ episode. Extra points to who guesses which episode :)

As usual, I am also posting the pencils (below) - done while watching the episode - for the poster.

Hope you guys enjoyed the episode as well and dig the poster :)



theWoodenKing said...

i think its the best one yet!

Kel said...

Ugh. The original Twilight Zone is my favorite show of all time. I'm kicking myself for not knowing which episode you're talking about!