Sunday, September 16, 2012

Doctor Who ~ "A Town Called Mercy" [Ep.7.03]

Doctor WHO - A Town Called Mercy [Ep.7.03]
(click on the above image for the larger poster view)

Hi guys,

As promised, here's my minimalist poster for the new Doctor Who's episode "A Town Called Mercy" aired last night on BBC America.
And - as usual - I am posting also the pencils (below) for the poster done while watching the episode.
I did 2 sketches for this one: the one that you see here and another cool imagery for the episode. Maybe I will ink it later, when the season goes in hiatus for the winter break, yes? 

And to keep it in the WHO spirit, yesterday I received my comps of the cover (and cover sketch) I did for IDW's Doctor WHo/ Star Trek TNG crossover ASSIMILATION 2 miniseries. Check out the picture below: hopefully you guys have been picking up this books as well.

Asl always, pls let me hear from ya :)



Pony English said...

Francesco, can I just say that I love these black and whites you're doing? Cause I do. I've been digging your art style for a while now, picking up your variant covers when ever I can and looking for books you're on. And then I find out that every week you throw up a Doctor Who image based on the episode? Fantastic. Keep them coming. I am seriously thinking of turning one of these into a tattoo.

Bouclier said...

Your painting is very interesting and relevant.