Sunday, September 30, 2012

Doctor Who ~ "The Angels Take Manhattan" [Ep.7.05]

Doctor WHO - The Angels Take Manhattan [Ep.7.05]
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And here it is, my poster for tonight's mid-season finale of DOCTOR WHO, "The Angels Take Manhattan", aired on BBC America.
I am not gonna add too much cause I don't want to spoiler the episode for those of you who haven't seen it yet, but it was a REALLY GOOD one.
And the Weeping Angels are some of the scariest thing I have seen on all WHO (and not WHO) seasons.

It's gonna be tough waiting for when the new episodes air in late December...

As always, hope you enjoyed this and please leave me a note if you did :)



Anonymous said...

Great poster. The episode lived up to all I thought it would be. Graceful, frightening, thought-provoking, and bittersweet. Rather like life. Your poster captured the essence of the episode. Now for December...

Pony English said...

Just fantastic.

Andy B. said...

Another awesome poster, love it!

Tableau said...

That poster is brilliant - really evokes the sadness and the beauty of the episode.

Conduct Lionhardt said...

This poster (and all the others) have been really great at grasping the elements of what each episode had to offer. I really enjoy these. That episode was...just beatifully heartbreaking. My hats off to Karen and Arthur for bringing those companions such an epic arc and leaving us all the better for having witnessed it.

Anonymous said...

Cool Posters!

Already looking forward to the next lot after Christmas.

Are you OK with people printing them out and framing? Or will you be selling prints?


Unknown said...

awesomeness !!